Our Story

Stack will provide you with an experience for your soul as well as your senses.

Stack luxury candles are sophisticated fragrances created to bring beauty and peace into your hearts and homes. Enlightening your senses and inspiring your spirits, Stack fragrances call you away from the noise of life to a quiet place of rest. A place where your heart becomes still and silent. A moment to pause and give thanks for the infinite ways you have been loved, forgiven, pursued, protected, delivered, encouraged, sustained, lavished, and blessed by your Creator. Surround yourself with these unforgettable fragrances and experience the joy and peace of a grateful heart.

Ancient Israel practiced the custom of stacking stones to memorialize or remember the faithfulness and goodness of God. These stacks of stones symbolized a place or a time with the people experienced the provision, protection, blessings, or undeserved gifts. Let us begin this daily practice and stack stones of gratitude. 

Hand Poured in Alabama

Stack candles are hand poured in Alabama, using the finest essential oils, cotton wicks, and premium soy wax blends. Made with the highest quality ingredients, Stack’s signature fragrances are clean, pure and refreshing. With packaging as luxurious as the candle itself, Stack’s distinctive design will create a lasting impression. There are many candle companies in the marketplace, but none like Stack Candles.