The Unfinished Cornice

In July 2008, the Father lead us on a unexpected journey that we are still walking today.  Our fourth child, Margaret, was born profoundly deaf.  Margaret is now four years old, and I wouldn't trade a moment of this journey because the Father has lavished our family with the most amazing gifts along the way.  

Margaret had bilateral cochlear implant surgery at 13 months.  The surgeries went remarkably well and the implant devices were activated or "turned on" a couple of weeks after the surgeries.  The birth of Margaret's hearing was very exciting and very emotional for all of us.  The implant audiologist asked that I speak the first words for Margaret to hear.  Margaret was terrified when she heard sound for the first time; she buried her head in my chest and cried and cried.  As you can imagine, we cried along with her.  The volume of her devices was slowly increased to a level that she could tolerate.  Over the last three years, we have experienced the joys of hearing our deaf child use her voice to speak sounds, words, sentences and now monologues.  Her speech is very clear and she LOVES to talk.     

I recently read a story in Springs in the Valley devotional that profoundly impacted the perspective of my heart.  "Mr. Rothschild was the wealthiest man in the world, but he lived and died in an unfinished mansion.  He had power to frighten a nation by calling for gold.  Yet, one of the cornices of his house was purposely unfinished to bear testimony that he was a pilgrim in the land.  The unfinished cornice says:  Beautiful as this is, it is not my home; I am looking for a city."  You see, Margaret's deaf ears are enabled to hear only when the external devices magnetically attach to the internal devices.  I see this as her "unfinished cornice.".  It is a beautiful reminder that this is not our home; we are looking for a city.  Here we have no continuing city, but we seek one to come.  Hebrews 13:14.  God has graciously given us this gift of brokenness as a loving reminder that we are not home yet.  He has also given us the incredible privilege of seeing His glory and experiencing His faithfulness.  We are on our pilgrimage to our eternal home where we will be made whole in Christ.  Our broken bodies will be made new and our unfinished stories will be completed.  May God give us the grace to embrace and find beauty in the painful and unfinished corners of our lives.  

We are deeply loved by our Father! He is inviting us to open our eyes to see and our ears to hear the sights and sounds of Home!


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