Sandi York. . . His Eye is on the Sparrow

The Sparrow

"Sometimes I am strong, and others I am weak. It's a struggle to become what I really need to be. I worry about tomorrow until I hear the sparrow, And I'm reminded of the promise He'll take care of me." Lyric from Charles Billingsley's song "The Sparrow"

During the season of my husband's unemployment, there were so many stones of God's faithfulness to stack! All of them were special, yet the ones that came on the days of weariness and hopelessness were the Father clearly saying, "I see you." At that time of uncertainty, going to the grocery store or Walmart would be real faith builders as I would be gripped with fear and sadness for a multitude of reasons (dwindling severance, no savings, no emergency funds, etc.), and I would grip Jesus' arm tightly as I walked the store aisles recounting His faithfulness in the numerous stacks of stones HE already piled up in our life. One morning, dread came over me as I realized we were out of some items, and I needed to go to the grocery. (Nobody at this point knew I felt this way) I walk out to my car, open up the door which was unlocked, and there on the seat was a Publix gift card! The Father saw me.....He knew.......He provides.


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