SaNdi York. . . I am not scared anymore

When you are in the elevator......I am with you.....

For the past 2 years, our son has had a terrible fear of elevators (mainly due to a scene on a television show, not from any bad experience). When we went to our in-laws beach place last summer (which is only on the 5th floor), he asked us to walk up and down the stairs with him every time. We would even be at the pool and he would go ahead hours beforehand and "reserve" my husband or I for the next trip up: "Who is going to walk up the stairs with me?" We tried to convince him that he would be fine, but he would have no part of our strategic conversations. We decided to "pick our battles" and walk the stairs with him every time (beach gear and all). His sisters would take a turn or two. A few months ago (January), he asked if we were going to the beach this year, and I said, "yes". He asked, "will you walk the stairs with me?" So here at spring break time, we were given a sweet opportunity of a few free nights at a friend's condo in Gulf Shores......on the 19th floor! He asks, "Is there an elevator? Will you walk the stairs with me?" In a word, "No." So he is extremely upset to the point of saying, "I don't like the beach." etc. I told him I was going to pray that God would take care of this fear before we leave. So the night before we left, my husband and I were praying over several "big" things, said amen, headed to bed, and the spirit said "give me your son's fear." So I told the Lord, "please remove this fear, remove any motive I have for my ease and comfort on the trip, and make this about encouraging his heart with what YOU can do inside of HIM. Let him see your power in his heart." The next morning, he came downstairs and said, "I am not scared anymore of elevators." Praise the Lord. Every time we all stepped into that elevator, all we could do was say, "hallelujah" when we looked at him.


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