Sandi York. . . My thoughts are not His thoughts

God wants to Build the House.......HE can sell it too!

When I hear women stress over getting a house ready to sell, I love to recall His faithfulness to us in 2006 in that process. When the Lord was ready to move us out of our first home, I began to "paint the picture" in my mind that seemed real chaotic and stressful regarding selling and showing a house. Having 3 children under 7 at the time, I was tired just thinking about getting it ready and then showing it, etc. So, I told the Lord, "YOU are going to have to do this". The Lord had already led us to our new home, yet we did not put a contract on it at that point. So we were feeling some urgency. The sign goes up mid-week. First showing is Saturday at 2pm. My in-laws agree to take the children first thing in the morning on Saturday so that my husband and I can clean, plant flowers, straighten closets, etc. I drop the kids and head to Walmart for all of my cleaning supplies. As I am heading back home around 10:45, my husband calls and says, "Well, they've come and gone." What?? He said while he was planting the flowers, the the first showing showed up at 10 instead of 2! He let them inside anyway. Let me tell you what they saw: Breakfast dishes in the sink, on the counter and on the kitchen table; A high chair that had not been cleaned; unswept and unmopped kitchen floor; a laundry basket in the hallway overflowing, unmade beds, full trash cans,.......there had been no vacuuming, no dusting, no scrubbing, no shining, and no cookies baked in the oven to give a delightful and warm fragrance! Oh, and outside the few flowers that my hubby had planted.......with uncut grass!! YET, this first couple that looked were the ones that bought the house! Amazing. I never had to clean the house for showings after that nor did I have to escape with the children for showings. God showed it in all of its glory and sold it just that way. I had nothing to do with it. My thoughts are not His thoughts.


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