My earthly battle- depression


Father, Shine your light into the darkness of my mind.  I cannot see for today's flame of life has been extinguished.  You alone can lift the oppression of this deep darkness.  I have seen the flame and lived in the light, so I know that the light will once again shine in this dark room.  Take my hand and remind me of your presence so that my fearful heart will rest. . . rest in the emptiness and rest in the the longing for a life where darkness does not exist.  The dark days expose my heart's desperation and dependence on you and that is good.  Help me to fix my eyes on your deep, deep love as I journey through the darkness.  Hallelujah! Shalom is ahead.  There will be a day when all darkness will end and I will forever and ever bask in your glorious Light.  Come quickly, My beloved. 


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