Gifts of the Sea

I am at the beach, the gracious shores of my Father's creation. The waves roll forward without pause obedient to His commands. The exact moment they break was determined by the holy hands of the Most High. Although the sun is just now rising, the rolling waters have not slept. They remind me of my Father. . . continuous, sure, certain, and present even in the darkness. Like Him, the seas are powerful, immeasurable, uncontainable, and mysteriously creating pearls deep within.

A thick fog rolls in covering the deep waters and sandy shores. I can see less and less but I hear the whispers of the sea. Although I faintly see the shoreline, I know it has not moved. It is surely there despite my blindness from the fog. I hear the familiar calls of the birds that commune over the salty waters. I cannot see them but I hear their voices and I know they are flying above despite the fog that separates us.

As the fog sits content to stay awhile, I am reminded of the painfully dense fog of suffering. It is heavy and unforgiving and seems to never lift. I can only see a few feet ahead of my path and it is frightening to keep moving forward yet I hear the whispers of my Father. I faintly see His footsteps beside me in the sand of suffering. The blind journey feels too uncertain and too painful to keep going yet I know that He is calling me upward to a place above the fog. When I get there, I am certain the air will be clear and I will have a greater visibility, but for now, I will place my weak and feeble hands in the mighty tender hand of the ONE who made the sea and ordained the thick clouds to descend. The air is damp and cold and the winds make me shiver but the Father covers me with the blankets of His Word. He is revealing His tender mercies and grace as I fix my eyes on His faithful promises and trust Him to lift the blinding fog. I move forward dependent on the eyes and strength of my Father who knows what lies ahead. The Father protects and sustains my weary heart through His loving whispers and divine gifts along the seashore.

The fog is lifting a bit yet I still can't see very far ahead. I rest and give thanks for once again seeing the certainty of what was for a time unseen. I see the foamy crashing waves. I see there are friends around me on the same journey. The fog continues lifting and my heart leaps at what appears. There are surely breaking clouds on the horizon opening and dividing just enough for the sun to peak through. The skies are not bright yet but they are light enough to cause a reflection on the sea waters. I am thankful and content for the smallest amount of light to break through yet I know my Father. He will not stop until His light is as blinding as the heavy fog. The clouds will break, the fog will lift and the brightness of His glory will cause me to close my eyes in awe! I am humbled that God would use a fog covered seashore to reveal His heart of love toward me. The Father is stretching me and teaching me contentment as I live in both bright sun and impenetrable fog. I can rest in both conditions because I know that my Father's hands are holding mine and He will never let me go for all eternity.


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