Emmanuel- God with us!

Several years ago our family was at the beach with our cousins.  I became captivated by a father with his adult son who was blind.  The Father used that visual picture to press His steadfast love deeper and deeper into my soul. 

The man slowly led his blind son down the long splintered boardwalk.  This particular path to the sand is quite long, so I am certain the son wondered how many steps until they reached sand.   I was walking behind them, and I never once heard the young man ask his father when the seemingly endless boardwalk would indeed end.   The father gripped the trusting hand of his son and guided him down the steps to the hot sand.  Finally, his feet sunk in the sand and he started walking to the seashore.  The deep sand made it difficult to walk, and so the father gripped the son even tighter on this adventure to the ocean's edge.  The father's love and devotion for his son was beautiful, and it was obvious this walk to the beach was for his son.  The father's delight was seeing the joy in his son's face. 

The father's strong hand led the son through the wet sand to wade in the shalow waves.  I was amazed at the son's peaceful demeanor.  He was not afraid.  He was not holding back.  He fully trusted his father to lead him deeper and to protect him from drowning.  The father's strength was amazing to watch.  He never let his son fall down in the rough waters.  The father brought along a raft and he steadied it so his son could crawl into the little boat.  The man stayed in the water and held on tight to the raft that was holding his blind son. As the father held a rope attached to the little boat, his son very contentedly drifted through the crashing waves.  At times the father would loosen the slack on the rope so that his son could drift into deeper waters but he never once let go or dropped the rope.  His hand had a strong unbreakable grip on the raft as it rode through the fury of breaking waves.  I never once saw the pair exchange words. Their silence was evidence of the son's unwavering trust in his father's keeping.   Although the son could not see his father, his heart was confident. The young man could rest and experience the joy of this adventure because his father was beautifully present. 

Isn't that just like our Heavenly Father?  He is beautifully present although our eyes can't see him.  The Father is sure and steady.  He is gentle but strong.  His love is deep and uncontainable.  His very delight is to be known and glorified in the lives of his children.  The Father is sometimes silent, but he never leaves us.  He never lets go or drops the rope of our story.  He has a blood-stained grip on our faithless hearts.  We can rest in His presence and enjoy the days and years that He planned for us before the beginning of time.  Our earthly stories have not ended, and so we walk these days step by step trusting the One who called us to sonship.  There will be a day when our blind eyes will be opened and our faith will become sight.  We will fall to our knees in awe and adoration of our Creator and Father who never let go.  We will bask in His glory and worship Him forever and ever and ever.   Amen!    

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1. Karen Haralson wrote:
Beautiful Stephanie!! You are a woman of many talents! You have such a gift with your words. "He has a blood-stained grip on our faithless hearts." Thank you for sharing!

Wed, January 30, 2013 @ 12:14 PM

2. Ashley wrote:
Stephanie! I just read this from Karen's FB post that linked to it...and I didn't realize it was you until I looked down..that was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Wed, January 30, 2013 @ 12:49 PM

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