Crown of Beauty

Our sweet Margaret can only hear when her external device is magnetically attached to the internal device. As a result, she experiences the wonderful gift of optional silence. Margaret is so funny as she sometimes covers her ears with her hands and says, "no ears" because she has the choice to not hear the noisy chaos of our home. As the mother of four small children, I can relate to her desire to block out the noise of whining and arguing. :) Margaret also experiences the gift of perfectly quiet sleep. Aahh! Isn't that just like our Father. . . in the depth of sorrow and loss, He gives good gifts of His grace. He gives circumstances that we would never have asked for yet now would risk all to keep.

As the days and years pass by so quickly, God is showing me that the life "here" is really about preparation for eternal life "there". "Here" is a temporary stay and "there" is Home. Charles Spurgeon said, "God personally hung out the light of mercy so that we might know the way home." I am convinced that the way that God prepares us and allows us to really KNOW His heart and character is through the fellowship of suffering. Through suffering loss and uncertainty, God has blessed our family with the immmeasurable riches of knowing Him more intimately. The Father is showing us that our own desires for comfort and peace are desires that He alone can satisfy. My wandering heart continusously runs to broken cisterns. but He gently and tenderly redirects my heart and quenches my thirst with the Living Water that perfectly and eternally satisfies. He is enough and we thank Him for calling us out of the shadows of comfort in order to give us glimpses of His glory.


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