Beholding is worth the waiting

I have spent this morning thinking about time and its effect on me.  In many ways I am enslaved to schedules, plans, and expectations.  I want results quickly and expect no time of waiting.  When delays occur, I am troubled and sense that time is being wasted.  God is teaching me that time is important.  The seasons of waiting and the in-between times are even more important than the final results.

I absolutely hate waiting.  I walk fast.  I read fast.  It is not in my nature to wait.  I find myself wanting to manually pop the toaster before the toast is actually toasted.  Seriously, I hate waiting!  Through the years the Father has enrolled me in many schools of waiting all of which were significant in my life story.  It has been these seasons of prolonged waiting and unmet desires that have caused me to thresh out my own desires and have stretched my faith beyond the point I thought I could reach and still be alive.  It is these in-between seasons that the Father has used and is using to silence my impatient demands and to enable me to rest in His perfect timing. 

As I read Matthew's account of the events leading up to the Crucifixion, I marvel at the discipline of Jesus to submit to His Father's schedule.  He quietly and perfectly waited on God's timing.  Like me, the disciples were impatient and didn't embrace Jesus' willingingness to wait for His Father's prompting.  Time wasted meant nothing because Jesus heard only the divine ticking of His Father's clock.  And so there is also no time wasted in my own life.  These moments, hours, days, and years are perfectly measured, counted, and recorded by God the Father. When the time has come to move, He will arrive in a way that we will stand in awe.  Our hearts will be amazed and our spirits will have no doubt that He has moved on our behalf.  We will see and be astonished by His marvelous glorious timing.

The waiting, the delays, and the in-betweens, have purpose in our lives.  These seasons of uncertainty cause us to stop the striving and to still our hearts.  It is these watching and waiting hours that reveal our desperation and our dependence on Him. The waiting blocks our human tendency to demand our own way and to plan our own itinerary.    

I am thankful for His divine waitng in my life.  Although undesired, the monotonous delays have revealed the deep, deep love of the Father.  I am learning that this life is not my own and it is not about me, but it is for His glory. When I remain focused on His immeasurable glory, I realize that I can truly rest in the waiting hours.   God uses the waiting and watching hours to give beautiful glimpses of His sufficiency and His provision. It is the long painful waiting, those moments, days, and years when I see and feel nothing, that He uses to prepare me to experience the brightness of His glory.  The Father calls me to stop and Behold!  The beauty of His glory is worth every second, minute, hour, day, month, and year of the waiting.  I wouldn't want it any other way.   


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