Remember and give thanks! All the moments of every day throughout eternity would never be long enough to give thanks to the ONE who gave it ALL!

My Story

Stack is a brand of luxury home fragrances that I created, designed and developed to be sold in specialty stores and boutiques. The name STACK is derived from the biblical practice of "stacking stones" of remembrance. For many years I have been profoundly impacted by God's delight in our remembering and giving thanks. Our Father longs to see His children pause and remember His faithfulness and steadfast love.

God has been pressing these truths deeper into my heart as I have walked through seasons of waiting and pain. My life story runs along rock strewn paths circling unforgettable stacked stone monuments. After several years of infertility and three miscarriages, God opened my womb and gave us four children in four years. God heard our hearts cry and gave us far more than we could have ever asked or imagined. Our four children are living stones which the Father stacked before us to remind us that He knows our deepest desires and that He will give pressed down, shaken together, and running over. As I have walked through years of clinical depression, the Father calls me to lay down small stones of light and joy as He provides hope in the journey. The Lord provided another opportunity to stack and build when our fourth child was born deaf. It is the combination of the daily stones of remembrance, as well as the towering stone monuments, that reminds me of the Shepherds unfathomable love and tender care for His beloved. He continuously breathes hope into my weary heart as I fix my eyes upon His incredible faithfulness and steadfast love. All the moments of every day throughout eternity would never be long enough to give thanks to the One who gave it all.

The Father has given each of us an incredible story within His larger story. I am convinced that God uses our stories and our stacks of stones to remind us of His limitless, abundant, lavishing, pursuing love. He is our Father who walks with us and tenderly moves in our midst. He is sure, certain, never-changing. He brings abundance out of emptiness. He provides rain in drought. He rescues. He redeems. He strengthens. He desperately wants us to recognize His goodness and faithfulness in the joys and especially in the sufferings. He wants us to REMEMBER and GIVE THANKS! I am still amazed at the way the Father has led me on this journey. I am like Moses and keep telling God that I am not the one for this task, yet He has so clearly gone before me. He has done the work and I have followed His lead. I have no idea how God will use these products but I know that He is good and that He will glorify Himself along the way. Please pray that God will use the simple Stack label to turn hearts to Himself.